Why Purchase a Surface RT – My Reasons

I know that there is a lot of bad press regarding the surface (after I chose to purchase) and it never lived up to the hype, but that is a general comment on worldwide sales. Most Reviews say it does not live up to being a laptop (its was never meant to be) and that its not a replacement for the iPad (even MS are not that daft!). I feel its always been a tablet leaning towards a laptop, like an iPad has always tipped it tech hat to a larger iPhone.

“It’s not full Microsofts Windows 8” I hear people cry, correct – and IOS for the iPad is not Apple’s OS X
“It does not have any Apps”. The App store for the iPad has 775,000, Google Play 800,000, Blackberry 70,000. the Windows Store has 100,000 – not too bad for under a year from release

So enough of the debunking – onto my reasons…..In my household we

  • Both have iPhones – it mainly suits my wifes freelance work and makes sense to have the same phone
  • An aging Family iPad (1st Generation) that is difficult to take outside the house
    • It should be noted I recently got a Kurio 7 for my 3 year old – great kids tablet (and safer content!) so the iPad is a bit more available.
  • A reasonable Windows 7 desktop for most “work”
  • A works laptop that I am just finding a real burden to carry around lately (I do a lot of it)

I really started to want another tablet in the household…. should I buy a new iPad (have not forgiven them for not allowing IOS 6 on our aging iPad of what was 18 months) or an iPad mini being cheaper, or a Google Nexus 7 that would be cheaper still, but this was all moving further and further away from a reasonable workhorse – then the Surface offer came about. Prayers possibly answered? as well as the Surface RT having these bonuses……

  • Portable, I am attending a lot more meetings at various locations not only the South East but all over the UK.
  • Cheap, at least 50% of any competing costs
  • Office 2013 RT, productivity thumbs up here
  • USB (device) connectivity – mice, keyboards, better webcam, digital cameras, usb sticks, external drives
  • Expand the memory (micro SDXC card & USB), 32gb into a 96gb!
  • Familiar (Windows) environment for most,
  • Multiple accounts (useful to have a less personal account when showing on a display or letting family members nip on!),
  • Multitasking (one in the eye of Apple)

So i’m not saying my situation applies to all, if any, but it suits me and the bottom line is for what it costs there is definitely going to be somebody willing to buy a bargain from me (should it be a real pile of junk) without me losing anything 🙂


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