Doing My Homework for the Surface RT

So with most things in life I love to immerse myself in something I do not understand or know about an the Surface RT is no exception…..

  • What were it’s limitations
  • What could I plug into the USB
  • What apps were there for it
  • Tips and tricks
  • Guides and how to’s

And although there is not an absolute bucket load of information and resources out there on the web there was enough and it was good ( with the exception of not being able to peruse the windows App Store without a windows 8 system – Lunacy).

So the bookmarks I am starting to accumulate are looking as if they could come In useful but they looked disorganised and unwieldy. I’m going to have to re-arrange them with some sort of organisation ( otherwise they will stay like they were and I would never tidy them up). So that’s a job I am currently working on.


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