Beyond SkyDrive & the Surface RT

So my brain has been toying with SkyDrive ( or whatever it is to be renamed as ) and the measly 7Gb. I say measly as SkyDrive was originally 25Gb and MS downgraded all accounts to 7Gb other than existing users that registered to retain 25Gb (thanks to JB for confirming).

To be fair 7Gb is not a bad capacity as most alternative offer only 5Gb and some even 2Gb. So how do you get more capacity? Well you can do a number of things…

  • Acquire a range of these services, admittedly this can be a headache.
  • Referrals, some offerings allow you increase your capacity with each referral by 500mb.
  • Look for introductory offers, these can range from 10Gb -50Gb.

So the top five big ones (for personal use) :

I have used all five offerings, more recently SkyDrive in readiness for the Surface RT and just like Dropbox,Google Drive and Box you can install a small piece of software whereby any files placed in a designated location on your machine will sync with the cloud space.

I utilise  the Pogoplug a lot because of it versatility. The pogoplug offers a slightly different dimension than the others mentioned in that it not only offers cloud storage but it offers software that you can place on a desktop machine and share a range of folders and drives (Yes these locations must be powered up) as well as a hardware device that you can purchase a small Linux powered box (for around £50) that can share anything plugged into its USB ports (the amount of ports is dependant on the model) and even attach compatible printers. This is a low power device that is silent with mine currently hosting three memory sticks. Effectively I now have over 1500Gb of accessible storage space, although this is slow access when away from home due to the slow upload speed of my broadband connection (other than the 20gb cloud space) it is perfectly acceptable at home and when I finally shift from copper loop to fibre (imminent!) it should really come into its own. It should be noted that it does Sync to the cloud but only what you have on your Pogoplug Device (info here).


2 comments on “Beyond SkyDrive & the Surface RT

  1. I think I’ll stick with the Skydrive for now, I expect integration with the Surface to be seamless.

    You’ve had the PP a few years now haven’t you?

    • Yes I have, and its been a lifesaver on a number occasions. I am going to run with SkyDrive primarily with the surface due to its high integration 🙂

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