Surface RT Wireless Connectivity (or not)

So with Windows RT 8.1 we get Miracast functionality which is the ability to “mirror” or duplicate a devices display wirelessly on a secondary display such as a monitor, TV or projector.

Given that the Surface RT does not allow the use of wireless transmitter dongles that you can purchase for none-miracast-capable devices (due to its restricted O/S) is this great news? well yes and no……. although both the Surface Pro and Surface RT are to be supported the RT requires an updated WDDM 1.3 Video Driver from Microsoft / NVIDIA as the currently utilised WDDM 1.2 is not sufficient.

I am hopeful that this will be included in the final 8.1 upgrade or released soon after as it would be another great ability of the Surface RT that would not be as expensive as an Apple iPad/TV Airplay pairing.

Be mindful that you will require a Miracast enabled TV/Monitor or Adapter like the Netgear Push2TV PTV3000 adapter to connect and enable receiving of the Miracast signal should the driver issues be rectified. Although there are cheaper options (some lower than £25) the PTV3000 is well small-form, supported, stable and by an established and respected manufacturer.


7 comments on “Surface RT Wireless Connectivity (or not)

  1. Hi, I’m currently running the windows 8.1 on my surface RT, am without the netgear ptv3000 though, hmmmm, do you have any good news with the testing?

    • So far I have not heard anything regarding Miracast being functional on the Surface RT, or if it is likely to be. All I can say is that as soon as I hear I will post, it’s at the top of my own wish list! and I was hoping that they would include the required update in the first official release of Windows 8.1 RT

      • Just to share some of my findings… On Microsoft Website, it has listed Windows RT 8.1 as Miracast compatible ( , and given that there are so little devices on RT, it would make sense for us to deduce that it is actually work-able on the RT.

        Hardware wise, NVidia Tegra 3 does support, its already in the hardware. Software wise, I think wddm 1.3 is now part of the Windows RT 8.1 and so it should support, technically speaking.

        I’m talking to people at MS in my area on this and hopefully will get some good news too. If MS is to tell me Tegra 4 Surface RT 2 works but not RT 1, I’ll be sure to ask why.

      • Hey there, I have just ran DxDiag on my 8.1, unfortunately, the wddm version for RT 8.1 is still 1.2, despite claims that there will updates to 1.3. Miracast is not supported still. I doubt this could ever change.

        Driver Model: WDDM 1.2
        Graphics Preemption: DMA
        Compute Preemption: DMA
        Miracast: Not Supported

        Going wirelessly around the classroom is now officially still a dream for the RT owners.

      • I have seen a blog that states that Surface (RT) 2 has Miracast support and that the original Surface RT will not, it is extremely unlikely to, it is the first real time I am really disappointed with my Surface. I would even happily put my hand in my pocket if I knew any dongle would do the job in the future. I am actually going out to Seattle soon and will be meeting with Microsoft Education would love it if they had an answer too!

  2. Things took a turn 😦
    Now even Surface Pro’s wireless display fail.
    Windows 8.1 broke the wireless display drivers. Waiting for fix.

    So I would doubt that RT 2 will support, for now at least, since they broke even the Pro 1 and Pro 2. And despite the DxDiag tests’ results, miracast is still in RT 1 and RT 2 reportedly.

    I would love to keep in contact with you, I’m an educator working with the development of educational technologies in Singapore.

    • 😦 oh well, ever optimistic.

      By all means keep in contact –
      <<<<<< I can be reached via twitter too 🙂

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