Bamboo Solo Stylus on the Surface RT [Day 31]

I have had cheap stylus in the past, they have proved sufficient, and recently splashed out on the Muvee Notier V2 that has proved to be a good purchase and would certainly recommend them for users of OneNote.

I’m unimpressed by the Bamboo, don’t get me wrong, it is well built and well balanced with the tip slightly smaller than others I have come across Having tried a cheaper stylus I can appreciate the finer tip and it does get picked up by the Surface RT without having to push overly hard. The tip is replaceable which will make the stylus cheaper in the long run. But it is still a spongy rubber tipped capacitive stylus with no magic powers but equally no faults.

Maybe I’m spoilt by the Notier, but the Bamboo is a good choice if your looking for a stylus but are not looking to make copious hand written notes.


Socrative on the Surface RT [Day 30]


Now this is not strictly a Surface RT related tech – It’s a website, an awesome website, that has recently been updated. But this post does address a number of relevant issues…

  1. You can “pin” a website as a tile – making it feel a little more like an App, by simply visiting a website…
    • Swiping up from the bottom of the screen
    • Selecting the “Pin” icon, the one that looks like one of those plastic molded drawing pins that are used on notice boards
    • Selecting “Pin to Start” from the options
    • Editing the New Tiles name
    • Selecting the “Pin to Start” button
  2. I would normally use my phone for Socrative (unless on a large interactive Smart-Board) and would love more real-estate that the Surface RT affords
  3. Its an amazing educational tech (have I mentioned that?)
  4. It remains the same experience whether you use the IOS or Android apps or from within a browser.

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Remote Desktop from the Surface RT [Day 29]

I thought I would quickly revisit the connection to and from the Surface RT a few posts ago, particularly in relation to the Remote Desktop App, to wrap the topic up nicely.

The Remote Desktop App does require another PC with a version of windows that allows remote connection…..

  • Windows 7 Professional,
  • Windows 7 Ultimate,
  • Windows 7 Enterprise
  • Windows 8 Pro
  • Windows 8 Enterprise

 that must….

  1. have a Username and Password to Logon with (not just go to desktop by powering-on)
  2. Be checked to  “Allow remote connections to this computer” under remote settings, this is normally found under the right hand menu when looking at your COMPUTER PROPERTIES


Productivity with a Surface RT [Day 27]

Today the Surface RT saved a colleague. All our IT systems were down – the Internet, file servers, printing, email, Moodle. A file with feedback needed to be seen and edited as necessary. Two mobiles, a Surface RT and a USB drive saved the day…..

My colleague could access his email on his phone but could not see the document with changes…

  1. the email was forwarded to me
  2. I opened the email and saved the file to my SkyDrive account
  3. I opened my SkyDrive on the Surface RT (wi-fi was up and running for a moment – perfect timing)
  4. I sent the file to the USB stick (beat that iPad)
  5. colleague opens the file on his desktop to see feedback and make changes
  6. Our networked printers accept ISB sticks!

A job well done.


Restoring a Surface RT [Day 26]

Screenshot (16)

This was actually very smooth, after all the dead ends I had taken (from yesterday post) I was happy to restore, and a lot less painful than expected…..

  • Took less than ten minutes
  • Completely back to factory settings
  • Thankfully retained some synced desktop setting such as pinned websites

All I had to do was complete all updates & install apps. But the most surprising was that my Apps retained a lot of their settings (obviously from Windows 8 synching) and the most effort was actually electing which apps I wanted to re-install from the App store. Although the Windows updates did take a time, the initial restore and app installations took little time overall.

Oh, I did have to tidy up my tiles and I got my HomeGroup Networking Connection working (nerd heaven!)

Note: I have had apps “pending” since, but it does seem to be sorted by after a short period of time (I’m still thinking updates are holding back any “pending” apps)


Surface 2’s [Day 25]

A break from the normal postings as Microsoft have released details yesterday of the next generation of Surfaces….

  • The Surface 2 (Previously the Surface RT)
  • The SUrface Pro 2 (Previously the SUrface Pro)

I’m not going to rehash the details, they can be found here, but I do like the fact that they are releasing an official car charger – I just hope I am not going to balk at the cost (how $50 translates in GBP)! I can’t see me going for the wireless keyboard adapter (seen above). But a later addition to this post, the Surface 2 Advert below.


Windows Store “Pending” on the Surface RT [Day 24]

A week or so ago I had trouble with installing a number of apps. I was installing about twelve apps and the first half installed without any trouble, the remaining half-dozen stated “pending”. Nothing I did would progress them from this state, I tried…

  • Cancelling and only trying one at a time
  • I tried rebooting
  • I tried installing a totally different app
  • I tried looking for and installing updates (two found and updated)

Still no joy, a number of articles on the web suggested numerous solutions…that did not work either

  • Looking for and fixing any update issues, control panel>troubleshooting>system and security>fix problems with windows update – 2 issues found and fixed
  • Running the Windows Store Cache Resetting tool, type wsreset on the keyboard (or search) and you will find an app, selecting it will flush your Store Cache and you will get a message that says, “The cache for the Store was cleared. You can now browse the Store for apps” – I could still browse, but not download/install
  • I looked into Updates under the desktop control panel and found an optional update waiting to be updated, installed, rebooted – the store now refuses to even open! (running the previous step solved this issue)

I am hoping its a store issue, I have even reset my router in-case its a firewall issue, and that a change of location to work tomorrow may rule out these suspicions.

This post is written in advance (its actually the 15th of Sept) I am hoping to have found a solution by the date of this post or you may well expect a post regarding “Restoring a Surface RT” tomorrow.


OneNote on the Surface RT [Day 23]

Screenshot (18)

In regards to OneNote on the Surface RT, it does have its limitations such as no video and no audio. But coupled with SkyDrive it is an amazing notetaking resource, throw into that the use of a stylus and I have now even removed those notes that I make on scraps of paper that eventually get lost or washed in my work trousers (admittedly the important things are typed up and retained).

But now my productivity is up and even the comments that I note-down that don’t seem important after any such meetings are retained.


Navigation on the Surface RT [Day 22]

New Skitch

There are many guides on how to navigate Windows 8 and move around the Surface. Most of the usual commands still exist via the keyboard or when using a mouse, such as…

Lock Screen: Windows Key + L
Swap between programs: ALT + Tab

but rather than reinvent the wheel the two following resources should answer most questions

A good video can be found here:

A great article can be found here: