Turning a 32GB Surface RT into 96GB [Day 2]

So after a huge amount of updates and time I am now in a position to start setting up and becoming familiar with the Surface RT. It should be stated that I have not toyed with Windows 8 so have a large learning curve.

Apps on the micro SD Card

Before I dive-in installing apps to the internal memory its worth highlighting that half the memory is taken up by the installed Operating System (O/S) and the system backup. So installing apps on the SD card is going to be a worthwhile endeavour. There are numerous YouTube video walkthroughs for this (I used http://youtu.be/dg3PH3f9h-s).

  1. Formatting a 64GB card as NTFS and unchecking quick option on the surface via the desktop (by selecting the desktop tile) takes approx. 3hrs! …… more waiting……
  2. Create a folder on the SD card called “WindowsApps”
  3. you need to call up the charms menu and search for “regedit”
    1. Select Edit > Permissions in the toolbar of regedit
    2. Click advanced button
    3. Click on change at the very top of the new window (to the right of TrustedInstaller)
    4. Click on the ADVANCED button on the bottom left hand corner
    5. Click on the FIND NOW button
    6. Select the Administrators (with an S) and press OK
    7. Click OK again
    8. Now check the “Replace Owner on subcontainers and objects” at the top of the dialog box
    9. Press OK again
    10. Select Administrators (you should be in the “permissions for APPX dialogue box)
    11. and allow full control to be checked
    12. Press OK
  5. on the right hand side from the APPX folder select PackageRoot
  6. Type the location of your SD card WindowsApps folder (mine was D:\WindowsApps – this was different from the YouTube video I watched)
  7. Restart your Surface RT for the changes to take effect
  8. Installing any app should then be seen if you look at your SD card WindowsApp folder

Note: Mine did not work first time as I mistakenly made the location as E:\ not D:\

It is recommended that you uninstall older apps and reinstall them as opposed to move over older apps. Hence I did this early on.

Now you can install without prejudice šŸ™‚


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