Tweaking the O/S on the Surface RT [Day 3]

So today was the first day at work with a functioning Surface RT. Very hectic…

  • Course Meeting
  • Dept Meeting
  • Moodle Surgery for Dept X
  • Moodle Surgery for Dept Y
  • Moodle Tech meeting

No time to sit and breath let alone focus heavily on Surface RT. I did use webmail, in the few minutes i had between meetings and take a few notes with onenote (I’m sure more on these in later blogs). The best thing however was to change a few O/S settings (on recommendation by a fellow RT’r)….

  1. Enlarge the interface itself
  2. Increase the audio output level.


So the first step would be to enter the desktop mode ( not the tiled UI) by pressing the desktop tile or the Windows button.

  • Select the yellow folder in the bottom left of the screen in the toolbar area.
  • Select COMPUTER on the right hand side
  • Choose COMPUTER from the options at the top left of your screen then OPEN CONTROL PANEL



  • Select SOUND
  • Select SPEAKERS
  • Press the PROPERTIES button
  • Select the ENHANCEMENTS tab
  • Press the OK button
  • Press the OK button

Enlarge Interface


  • Select DISPLAY
  • Select Medium 125%
    • or CUSTOM SIZING OPTIONS underneath for greater (you can be specific such as 130%, however too much of an increase may cause items to not be visible)
    • Select OK to accept custom sizing options once changed
  • Select Apply
  • You will need to sign out to apply changes

Now I am in my forties it does not hurt to assist the the senses šŸ™‚



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