Mail on the Surface RT [Day 6]

So todays task was to set up work and personal email (so colleagues now know they can successfully connect to their email and consequently calendar – details are available by logging into the Moodle site). I found it was fairly straightforward (given that I had the server details to hand) and there was only tho real niggles…

  1. How did I change accounts? a list in the bottom left-hand-corner, not very appealing but served its purpose well enough.
  2. How did I find by calender appointments? not so obvious at first, come out from the mail app and open the calendar app. They are connected.

The interface to each is elegantly simplified – and works intuitively. It sure beats logging into a web app or cranking up a behemoth of a company laptop. Thumbs up yet again Microsoft

you might find this video useful :




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