Blogging on the Surface RT [Day 7]

So an app posting, this is the fourth time blogging this post on the surface RT…..

  1. The WordPress App crashed on my – causing me to loose my post whilst in mid flow
  2. The second attempt lost my post when I opened another app to claim an image to use
  3. the third attempt was just to see if it would post and what options I had on offer (sorry for those that got a notification of a post that led to an error after I wiped the post)
  4. Hopefully this blog, the app abandoned and IE accessing the web-based editor

What the app did….
Offered simplistic editing such as alignment, bold, italic, include an image and a simple “POST”

What the app didn’t……
Retain any work in progress, save as draft, schedule for later publishing, work in HTML mode.

My iPhone app is far more sophisticated and what makes this really annoying is that the simple ability of a draft function would have made all the difference.

1/5 – Will only revisit if the app improves significantly



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