Musemee Notier V2 Stylus & the Surface RT [Day 8]


So my stylus got delivered today, I took a gamble and ordered from Musemee’s Site Store, although the black stylus I ordered looked a different style from the other options it actually is similar as the slimeline models (which I prefered, i just really wanted black). The package contents contained:

  • The stylus that unscrews to reveal the tip, the cap can then be screwed onto the opposite end to lengthen the stylus barrel.
  • A 2 spare tips in a protective case (which was a surprise!)

Most thing such as opening an app a fairly pointless with a stylus as they do not require any degree of finesse. However when it comes to writing on OneNote (more on this in another blog soon) it really comes into its own. My handwriting has never been elegant and is maybe one of the reasons I ended up in the IT world, so if it can transfer my handwriting from stylus to surface and decipher it then a job well done!

Screenshot (19)

So as you can see from the screenshot above within OneNote by selecting the DRAW ribbon and selecting the first pen tool, with the screenshot below showing the result after selecting the “Ink to Text” option (on the far right of the DRAW ribbon).

I am extremely happy with this stylus, it’s lightweight yet feels solid. The recognition is accurate with all but the exception of high-speed squiggles (where occasional gaps creep in) and the clear disc tip allows for accurate pin-pointing when dotting i’s and crossing the t’s. The tip also works at an amazing range of angles (many stylus suffer from restricted positions) and is at ease with the Surface RT being vertical or horizontal.

In regards to cost vs performance this a great purchase

update (11/09/2013): Just don’t put it on a table/desk that is less than perfectly horizontal – it rolls with a vengeance!


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