IE App vs IE Desktop on the Surface RT [Day 9]

So there are two Internet Explorers on the Surface RT:

  • An App reached from the start or Metro Screen
  • A traditional version reached from the desktop UI that is more familiar with traditional IE users

Try changing the homepage or the default engine in the App version and you will quickly become railroaded. Although it may not seem it at first glance both these programs are linked.  Modifying the homepage on the desktop version as well as the search engine will proliferate through to the App version.

Click on the desktop tile so that you are not in the start (tile) or metro view

  • To change the homepage –
    1. Click on the IE icon
    2. Click on the “Cog” icon in the top right-hand corner
    3. Click Internet Options near the bottom of the dialog box
    4. Ensure you are on the General Tab
    5. Type in the address in the space provided (overwriting the old homepage)
    6. Press the OK button
  • To change the search engine  –
    1. Press the magnifying glass to the right of the address bar
    2. Click add in the bottom-right of the dropped down box
    3. scroll down the resulting webpage
    4. If google search is not already shown select SEARCH on the right hand menu
    5. Select the “Google Search” tile
    6. On the resulting webpage select “Add to Internet Explorer” button
    7. Check the “Make this my default search provider” box
    8. Click the ADD button



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