SkyDrive on the Surface RT [Day 13]

So in an earlier post I discussed cloud services, such as dropbox, pogoplug, etc. With the Surface RT Microsoft’s cloud offering Skydrive features predominantly (not only in Windows 8 but in Office 2013) and with the Windows RT 8.1 update this is only set to continue.

SkyDrive (to be renamed in the near future) is effectively an “in the cloud” service that allows your files to be held remotely and synchronized over multiple devices with apps not only for the windows 8 environment but as smartphone apps such as the IOS environment and as an installable application on the windows platform (such as windows 7).

What this allows you to do is transfer images, such as a photo or screenshot, from the Surface RT to a desktop, or visa versa. Although a USB could suffice using SkyDrive provides a seamless experience.

Sending documents:

  • Select the desired file, such as an image from the photos tile, by dragging down (the tile will have a tick appear on the top right hand corner) further file selections will will add to the amount of the files to be shared
  • Swipe the charms menu and select the share icon (the second icon down a circle with three knots)I
  • Select SkyDrive and select where you want to send/store your file(s)
  • Confirm by selecting upload

To access files in your SkyDrive

  • Select the SkyDrive app
  • Move thought the folder until you reach the desired file
  • Swiping up from the bottom of the screen will reveal options
    • download
    • manage
      • rename
      • delete
      • move
    • open with…… (Appropriate apps)
  • choose an appropriate option


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