Syncing SkyDrive Folders on a Desktop [Day 14]

So Syncing on the Surface RT seems to be sufficient. However the same cannot be said for the desktop folder synchronisation. It is not an instant process and there seems no way to actually force a synchronisation.

So a rough workaround….
Creating and deleting a folder will force a synchronisation – so this begs the question “can a batch file automate the process”? Yes it can….

  • Move to your SkyDrive location
  • Open up notepad and type in the following: (edit the two file locations to reflect your own SkyDrive Location –  e:\skydrive\TempSyncFolder )

@echo off
Echo Creating TempSyncFolder Folder
mkdir e:\skydrive\TempSyncFolder

Echo Removing TempSyncFolder Folder
rmdir /s /q “e:\skydrive\TempSyncFolder”

  •  Save as “z Sync SkyDrive. bat” in your SkyDrive Location (the Z is purely to keep the file at the bottom of the file hierarchy for easy access)
  • Double clicking on the file will cause a folder to be created and, after a three second delay, removed – forcing a synchronisation.

You could add this to scheduled tasks to automate the process further.

Note: Although my Batch file states the E:\ drive the screen shot indicates the Z:\ drive – this is beacuse I have shared and mapped the E:\ drive location to Z:\ so that my SkyDrive folder shows up in “Computer” easily. The mapping is in no way connected with name of the batch file.



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