Media on your Surface RT SD Card [Day 15]

So today I have been looking into making the SD card more integrated into the system to relieve any burdens on the internal memory (with not a lot of success).

There are guides for mounting the SD card as your default picture location, but it involves Mounting within an empty NTFS folder and removing the drive letter. I have already assigned all my apps to use the card to I am loathe to start removing drive letters. An alternative option would be to relocated my user folders to the SD card (pictures, video, music, documents, downloads) however the system reports that it is not capable of accessing the drive, and it does not show the pictures folder in the photo app. So after restoring defaults I have settles to purely have a shortcut on the classic desktop directly to the SD card as well as pinning to the Start Screen.

I am not one to give up so easily but on my travels around the web looking for various solutions I came across numerous discussions saying that this issue is addressed in Windows RT 8.1, I can wait a month or so for this solution easily 🙂


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