Podcasts! on the Surface RT [Day 20]

Problem: I’m an insomniac. I wake up at stupid o’clock and the brain whirls around at full-speed stopping me drifting off.

Solution: Podcasts! or anything audio. I don’t get visually stimulated due to audio only and I can drift of to the dulcet tones of the speakers (I have been known to listen to the odd radio sitcom as well)

Generally this all takes place on my iPhone, and I did not think I would really need Podcast software on the surface. But with an impending trip I want to start looking at various forms of entertainment and podcasts was a place to start.

The obvious was to find a recommendation (Podcasts!) and try out a favourite podcast….

  1. The Minister of Chance, a five part fantasy audio. Unfortunately this was not found by the App (http://www.ministerofchance.com/#!download/ckae)
  2. Security Now, by steve Gibson and Lea Laporte. Success, not only the Podcast but the standard and HD Vidcasts as well.

If you cannot find your podcast in a search then you have the option of adding an RSS feed under settings. Although despite having the RSS feed (http://ministerofchance.com/MOCRSS/rss.xml) for the Minister of Chance I was still out of luck. However I have already listened to that particular podcast a lot (they are making a film of it now) and I don’t think I will part with listing to audiocasts on my iPhone (a lot less intrusive under a pillow than a Surface RT).

Now the videocasts are a different matter – I don’t need to prop-up the Surface RT with its built-in kickstand and I can well imagine watching the vidcast of an evening when away. And the fact that the App recalls your last position is extremely useful (and with audio you can still browse other podcasts). There does not seem to be downloading for later play on the Surface RT and the play speed seems to be fixed at 100% despite the ability to change

It is sufficient, but lacking in features. Unfortunately there is little, if any, competition – It seems I have fallen foul of the “limited ” amount of apps on the windows store.



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