IE Tracking Protection on the Surface RT [Day 21]

Tracking protection will reduce monitoring of your activities on the web and will reduce information that is fed back to you based on any such tracking, effectively making your browsing experience faster.

  1. Access the traditional desktop and open up Internet Explorer
  2. Press and hold on the top of the browser until a black outlined square appears (indicating you have activated right click).
  3. Release and select “Menu Bar” from the given dialog box
  4. In the newly appeared Menu Bar select Tools
  5. From the Tools menus select Tracking Protection, you will shown the Manage Add-ons dialog box
  6. Select the Get Tracking Protection List Online
  7. On the given dialog box drag down and Add any desired tracking protection list (I went for TRUSTe)
  8. Close the dialog box, you should see the Manage Add-ons dialog box
    • Here you can disable/enable any lists you have added should you find the lists to restrictive in your browsing habits


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