Windows Store “Pending” on the Surface RT [Day 24]

A week or so ago I had trouble with installing a number of apps. I was installing about twelve apps and the first half installed without any trouble, the remaining half-dozen stated “pending”. Nothing I did would progress them from this state, I tried…

  • Cancelling and only trying one at a time
  • I tried rebooting
  • I tried installing a totally different app
  • I tried looking for and installing updates (two found and updated)

Still no joy, a number of articles on the web suggested numerous solutions…that did not work either

  • Looking for and fixing any update issues, control panel>troubleshooting>system and security>fix problems with windows update – 2 issues found and fixed
  • Running the Windows Store Cache Resetting tool, type wsreset on the keyboard (or search) and you will find an app, selecting it will flush your Store Cache and you will get a message that says, “The cache for the Store was cleared. You can now browse the Store for apps” – I could still browse, but not download/install
  • I looked into Updates under the desktop control panel and found an optional update waiting to be updated, installed, rebooted – the store now refuses to even open! (running the previous step solved this issue)

I am hoping its a store issue, I have even reset my router in-case its a firewall issue, and that a change of location to work tomorrow may rule out these suspicions.

This post is written in advance (its actually the 15th of Sept) I am hoping to have found a solution by the date of this post or you may well expect a post regarding “Restoring a Surface RT” tomorrow.


4 comments on “Windows Store “Pending” on the Surface RT [Day 24]

  1. Hi Andy,

    Did you find the solution to your problem? I have the same issue, lots of apps pending and not installing, I tried everything but still cannot download or install any apps. Help anyone?


    • My solution was to re-install. Worked for me, but not something I would like to repeat. I think I would try ensuring the surface is updated over a few days before taking a drastic solution again.

      • OK. Thank you. My solution was as follows.
        I cancelled all pending installations. Then under settings I checked for windows updates. After windows was updated I restarted the tablet. Then, went to store and checked programmes updates under settings. However you need to install updates one by one, otherwise they all pending and nothing is going on. Now it works fine.

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