Restoring a Surface RT [Day 26]

Screenshot (16)

This was actually very smooth, after all the dead ends I had taken (from yesterday post) I was happy to restore, and a lot less painful than expected…..

  • Took less than ten minutes
  • Completely back to factory settings
  • Thankfully retained some synced desktop setting such as pinned websites

All I had to do was complete all updates & install apps. But the most surprising was that my Apps retained a lot of their settings (obviously from Windows 8 synching) and the most effort was actually electing which apps I wanted to re-install from the App store. Although the Windows updates did take a time, the initial restore and app installations took little time overall.

Oh, I did have to tidy up my tiles and I got my HomeGroup Networking Connection working (nerd heaven!)

Note: I have had apps “pending” since, but it does seem to be sorted by after a short period of time (I’m still thinking updates are holding back any “pending” apps)


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