Productivity with a Surface RT [Day 27]

Today the Surface RT saved a colleague. All our IT systems were down – the Internet, file servers, printing, email, Moodle. A file with feedback needed to be seen and edited as necessary. Two mobiles, a Surface RT and a USB drive saved the day…..

My colleague could access his email on his phone but could not see the document with changes…

  1. the email was forwarded to me
  2. I opened the email and saved the file to my SkyDrive account
  3. I opened my SkyDrive on the Surface RT (wi-fi was up and running for a moment – perfect timing)
  4. I sent the file to the USB stick (beat that iPad)
  5. colleague opens the file on his desktop to see feedback and make changes
  6. Our networked printers accept ISB sticks!

A job well done.


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