Socrative on the Surface RT [Day 30]


Now this is not strictly a Surface RT related tech – It’s a website, an awesome website, that has recently been updated. But this post does address a number of relevant issues…

  1. You can “pin” a website as a tile – making it feel a little more like an App, by simply visiting a website…
    • Swiping up from the bottom of the screen
    • Selecting the “Pin” icon, the one that looks like one of those plastic molded drawing pins that are used on notice boards
    • Selecting “Pin to Start” from the options
    • Editing the New Tiles name
    • Selecting the “Pin to Start” button
  2. I would normally use my phone for Socrative (unless on a large interactive Smart-Board) and would love more real-estate that the Surface RT affords
  3. Its an amazing educational tech (have I mentioned that?)
  4. It remains the same experience whether you use the IOS or Android apps or from within a browser.

Simply put Socrative allows for you to create engaging questions on the fly….

  • Multiple choice (A-E) you pose the question verbally
  • True/False, you pose the question verbally
  • Short answer, you pose the question verbally
    • single or unlimited response
    • anonymous or name required
    • Responses can be voted on as a further activity

As well as allowing for pre-defined quizzes that can:

  • Be made up of multiple choice or short answer
  • Include images
  • Be shared
  • Be set up as fun group “races”

Most importantly your quizzes can be assessed and the results displayed and recalled later-on.

Quizzes can have up to 50 participants that utilise a room number to access a tutors Socrative session , the tutor can only run one quiz at a time and the quizzes are only accessible when you run them.

Socrative 2.0 launched on the 7th of October 2013, It reportedly will allow more than 50 participants, short questions can be defined (rather than verbal)


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