Bamboo Solo Stylus on the Surface RT [Day 31]

I have had cheap stylus in the past, they have proved sufficient, and recently splashed out on the Muvee Notier V2 that has proved to be a good purchase and would certainly recommend them for users of OneNote.

I’m unimpressed by the Bamboo, don’t get me wrong, it is well built and well balanced with the tip slightly smaller than others I have come across Having tried a cheaper stylus I can appreciate the finer tip and it does get picked up by the Surface RT without having to push overly hard. The tip is replaceable which will make the stylus cheaper in the long run. But it is still a spongy rubber tipped capacitive stylus with no magic powers but equally no faults.

Maybe I’m spoilt by the Notier, but the Bamboo is a good choice if your looking for a stylus but are not looking to make copious hand written notes.


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