Multi-Tasking on the Surface RT [Day 33]

Screenshot (13)

Most tablets (insert iPad here) cannot multi-task, having you focus on one activity at a time. Multi-Tasking is something the Surface RT does relatively well, and why design aspects of the Surface RT make sense – Widescreen really does come into its own here in my opinion. In my mind there are two ways to Multi-Task:

Screenshot (12)b

1. From an initial app

  • swipe down then left or right to the far edge and pause
  • the multi-task split will appear
  • release to dock the app

Screenshot (14)

  • touching the larger remaining space will return you to the Metro/Start UI
  • Opening a second app will open in the larger space

2. With previous apps

Screenshot (13)b

  • With an existing app showing
  • Swipe in from the edge
  • Pause for dock area to appear
  • Release to dock

In all cases once the two apps are docked you can grab the split screen handle (shown as 3 dots in the middle of the split bar) and drag to the other side of the screen, effectively moving from a 25/75 split to a 75/25 split.  Windows 8.1 RT will bring the ability to split 50/50.



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