QR Codes and the Surface RT [Day 34]

2013-09-23 12-11-23


Within my organisation we have had another push with QR Codes, many staff have been at a loss on how to read/generate such codes. So I thought a short post on solutions to both sides would be appropriate (as a number of posts have been about familiarisation with the Surface RT not actually educational practice so far). Both apps have been chosen for their simplicity.

Scan [click here for Windows Store info]
Simply aim the rear camera at the QR Code and  you will presented with the interpreted information, if it is a website you are prompted with an option to visit the URL. The App also keeps a history of scan for later retrieval.

QR Creator [click here for Windows Store info]
A clean interface that allows you to quickly choose from a range of QR formats (such as text, URL, SMS, Twitter, etc.).  A dialogue box on the right-hand-side allows for modifying of the QR Code such as content, size, colours and final generation.  What I really like about this App (and puts it above others is that it has the ability to share directly with other apps such as SkyDrive rather than limiting to saving as an image locally). As in the scanning App your history is retained for recall.



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