Surveillance on a Surface RT [Day 35]


A number of apps I have on my iPhone would be really desirable on my Surface RT. Particularly one for my home security, as I cannot install onto the Surface RT for IE and Firefox and Chrome as yet are not available (if ever).

So stepping up to the plate is “EverView”. A multiple IP Webcam viewer that requires:

  • A name for your feed
  • Camera model (as a drop down list)
    • Generic
    • Foscam FI9820
    • Foscam FI8904
    • Foscam FI8908
    • Foscam FI8910
    • Foscam FI8918
  • IP address (without the HTTP://)
  • Port number
  • Username
  • Password

Although the controls are rudimentary for controlling the Cam (up, down, left, right) it does also allow you to turn on/off the InfraRed LEDs. I do like the fact that all cams are previewed on one screen.

It should be noted that I have yet to find a free app that utilises the two-way audio.


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