TeacherKit on the Surface RT [Day 40]

Taking registers can be a pain, you cannot take them on an interactive smart-board due to data protection issues. I rarely have my laptop in class as it is sooooooo slow to power-up. Enter the Surface RT and TeacherKit App.

A simple app that allows for creation of classes/session and the ability to create/import students that you can assign to the classes. Good by scraps of paper! Setting up is relatively easy by importing a CSV file  (templates can be found on the website)

So what do I not like?

  • You cannot add students en-masse for classes, but have to individually
  • You only have three option for registering…I would like a few other options such as sick, late, authhorised absence
    1. Unset
    2. Present
    3. Absent

It should be noted that the app is far better developed for IOS, so it looks likely it will evolve under Windows


4 comments on “TeacherKit on the Surface RT [Day 40]

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