Facebook on the Surface RT [Day 48]

I have tried the plethora of third party apps for Facebook and it is reminiscent of when the iPad first came out, they sort of did ok but always had something lacking or didn’t function smoothly. The iPad eventually got a good quality third party app (the name escapes me) just before the official Facebook app was released which was exactly what it needs to be.

None of the Facebook apps sit comfortably with the Surface RT but I am not bothered in the slightest as the Facebook site works so well within Internet Explorer. So pin a shortcut tile and smile.

Update: Released today – the official Facebook App – requires the Windows 8.1 update!



2 comments on “Facebook on the Surface RT [Day 48]

    • You are so right, thanks. Released today in fact but must have windows 8.1 update 🙂
      There is a downside to writing a post in advance!

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