Windows 8.1 Installation on the Surface RT [Day 50]

Fifty days with the Surface RT, and I have managed to blog every day so far. Some blogs on accessories, some on apps, some educational but hopefully all useful. Although it may seem that I could be running out of steam Windows 8.1 RT allows me more mileage to this blog (I don’t think this can continue forever on a daily basis but whilst it is not too much of a chore I will carry on regardless). In regards to upgrading to 8.1, surprisingly, it took a whole evening.

A full restore may now well take pretty much 24hrs!

The installation was a fairly painless process other than time consuming. There are certainly a number of obvious changes….

  • Searching from the charms does not give you the range of filters such as search only in apps, or system, etc
  • The windows store categories can now be viewed by swiping up or down and I found it far better to use the search box in the windows store itself
  • You can now have a four tile sizes with a smaller and larger tile size added
  • The multitasking split window can be moved rather than only allowing a 75/25 split
  • Outlook 2013 is now included, but not placed as a tile – you will need to search for outlook in the charm menu and it should give you an option to pin it as a tile
  • The camera app has changed and it now accessible from the lock screen by swiping down.
  • A number of apps have appeared….
    • Food and Drink
    • Help and Tips for windows 8.1
    • Reading list
    • Health and Fitness
  • The start button returns to the desktop view.
    • Short press takes you to tiles
    • Long press takes you to system controls
  • And the ability to add your micro SD card as a library and/or default location – which I love!

And updated in a recent post, you can now install Facebooks own app



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