Video Blogging on the on the Surface RT [Day 51]

I have a trip to the US pending and as part of the information gathering exercise we have been asked to capture a variety of media from images to video logs (VLOGS) so thought it was worthwhile to do a little test.

I could record at the following (under windows 8.0 RT);

  • 240p (4:3)
  • 360p (16:9)
  • 480p (4:3)
  • 540p (16:9)
  • 720p (16:9)
  • 800p (16:10)

With the 720p setting chosen with the camera facing forward I recorded a 5 minute clip (no I’m not willing to show!) it comes out at approximately 210mb (42mb/min). The same length of video set at 360p is a resulting 52mb (10mb/min). Although the audio does not play back on the surface, on a PC with reasonable speakers it is fine (so no need to use external speaker). I did try out a set of headphones with an inbuilt mic that will be outlined in a future blog that were very good. I do like the fact that you can trim the ends of your recorded video upon review.

The file is stored in your camera roll. I did have issues with uploading the 720p video to SkyDrive, but this could be due to the size as the smaller 52mb file uploaded with no problems at all.

Note: I have tried a number of 5min 360p videos and some come out as 80mb+, so limiting any clip that you want to send to SkyDrive to not much  than 5 mins would be a good recommendation


Update:  Within Windows 8.1 RT you no longer have the options within the camera app to change the resolution of the camera, merely the ratio, so I have noted the resolution below alongside each ratio…

  • 4:3 – 640 x 480p
  • 16:9 – 1280 x 720p 
  • 16:10 – 1280 x 800p 



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