As part of a project that I am involved with I have been winging my way State side for a research & information gathering exercise.  The Design E-Learn academy project seeking to address the skills gap in the UK for designers and developers of high quality on-line learning products. With the qualifications first cohorts intake for the 13/14 academic year. More info can be found here.

For the next twelve days I have no idea of what I might blog about (some of the activities will be held close to my chest until officially sanctioned!) and it may well stray from the Surface RT at times but I am going to be cut off from all my usual tech comforts except for:

  • Surface RT
  • iPhone 5 (and battery pack)
  • USB Sticks
  • Canon Powershot SX30 IS Camera

This morning starts with the Great Storm of 2013 (hopefully that sounds dramatic enough) and I wake up at 6.30am to no problems (shhh brain it’s about to get worse!) other than a neighbours tree having a branch break-off and in another neighbours it’s all rosy.

  1. Fence panel goes
  2. Power goes
  3. Another fence panel goes
  4. Local train station has a power loss (thankfully in the other direction I want to travel)
  5. Same as above but in the way I want to go, oh well there is always the tube
  6. The nearest tube to me has technical problems

This is going to be one hell of a journey, to the rescue comes my brother-in-law and his taxi! Off to the M25, we make great time until we hit a problem approaching Heathrow with the slip road sectioned off, three cars from the cordon and like magic they open the approach.

So the check in process is smooth (I think I need a luggage tag!). I chew the proverbial fat with a fellow project team member and the time flows by. Time to board, a short “in-house” tube journey that moves so fast it feels like it has been fitted with a flux-capacitor (if you get the reference then we may be approaching senility together!) and we meet up with project colleagues. The first real chance of a catch-up (and to hear of the mishaps and triumphs of a colleague with check-in woes).

First time I have flown with British Airways and so far a joy, comfort, food is do-able and the film choice is varied!

  1. After Earth – 6/10 a slightly soppy family based Sci-Fi, I am used to better films from Will. I found myself wishing the end to
    come around soon
  2. The Lone Ranger – 9/10 now this started of promising, and I loved every minute of it
  3. G.I. Joe Retaliation – 7/10 a mindless bit o’ fluff
  4. Alan Partridge: Papa Alpha – 7/10 don’t mind Alan, worth  spin

The headphones were rubbish (I did not have to pay for them thankfully) and my Sony’s (in an earlier blog) were far better (I could hear for one) and were far louder.

Now what really gets me (and coming back to the subject of this blog) is that using the Surface RT to write this blog entry (albeit in Word) was an absolute joy – perfect for the in-chair tray.

And now I’m in the hotel room (with free WiFi) I can happily modify my blog prior to publishing

I have also noticed I am using more than the statutory allowed –‘s



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