The Surface RT in Seattle [Day 61]

I have been awake since 5am due to my body clock still on UK time, tonight’ s sleep should be far better (here’s hoping).

Today’s activity has been visiting shoreline community college and the place is nothing short of jaw-dropping, amazing campus that must keep all their students in a very serene frame of mind or just bursting to get on with their studies due to the quality of provision and resources.

Shoreline have over the last two years have successfully created over 150 learning courses of which some 20% of their students utilise. The college has a real focus on the strategy required for a successful online arm of their delivery and this is demonstrated due to the whole organisation approach and structuring that has gone into supporting the online ambitions.

With Instructional Designers and Faculty-eLearners-in-Residence that enable staff whilst being mindful of Quality Assurance they have seen their provision grow. These mechanisms are further supported by Media Technicians and Faculty Learning Communities that offer a platform for peer support and collaboration.

I cannot remember the last time a day was this full-on with an external organisation, the typing up of my copious notes is not going to be a trivial affair but I can see the impact moving outside of the current project and being food-for-thought for the teaching and learning depth, Quality assurance and the Learning Technologies Manager.

And the memory stick in a pen was pure genius!

Tomorrow I will taking my Surface RT back to Microsoft, not that there is anything wrong with it at all – It he project team are visiting Microsoft, Redmond in Seattle!


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