The Surface RT in Seattle pt2 [Day 62]




Yesterday was jam packed with meetings and visits

It was great to see a wider perspective on eLearning from a university and a larger community approach and how the smaller organisation can be supported to fulfil their own potential and beyond with the help and support of governing bodies and collaboration. What I found particularly refreshing was that the corporate perspective was very much in line and in agreement with the educational sector and it informs key strategies for Microsoft and their vision for there own products and support.

One of the challenges that instructional developers are faced with is moving beyond the linear approach and providing adaptive material and systems that whilst being able to be delivered to the masses also functions as individually tailored resources that support whilst not overwhelming or allowing shortcuts to be taken inappropriately.

Whilst we waited to be seen by Microsoft three other parties came through reception, two of these carrying surfaces, however the learning team themselves had Lenovo ThinkPad.


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