The Surface RT in Vancouver Pt2 [Day 67]

An extremely busy day in Vancouver yesterday with a visit to BCcampus which is a publicly funded organization that uses information technology to connect the expertise, programs, and resources of all B.C. post-secondary institutions under a collaborative service delivery framework. We provide valued services to institutions, ensuring B.C. learners, educators, and administrators get the best, most effective technologies and services for their learning and teaching needs. We provide an ICT infrastructure for student data exchange, shared services, online learning and distance education, communities of practice and online resources for educators.

Followed by a visit with Vancouver Community College which is refreshingly similar to a UK FE educational establishments, in that they services the community as their primary focus (don’t we all) win teaching staff having gone through teacher training  and delivering approximately 25hrs a week, inn stark contrast with Washington State that has 15 hers teaching face-to-fate with no requirement to have teacher training (although the insistence of a Degree).

Both organisations offered Eduroam (see an earlier post) that allowed for the Surface RT to jumps on the internet, again the iPhone constantly jumped on and off this network, so I am convinced that given the two devices that the Surface RT would definitely be my device of choice to jump on the net.


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