Presentation Next on the Surface RT [Day 76]


Presentation Next is a Prezi’esque app that creates “jaw dropping presentations” that are HTML5 based, meaning that no software installation is required to view the presentations other than a HTML 5 compatible (modern) browser.
The presentations are created using scalable vector graphics (SVG) and high definition (HD) technologies that show very sharp and clear images and text even on high-density retina displays, extremely high resolution monitors and multimedia projectors. The saved file is a single HTML 5 webpage.A number of templates are available to get you started, Presentation Next allows for traditional slide-based presentations (think PowerPoint) or pan and zoom presentations (think Prezi). Presentation Next is extremely easy to use, with clear context-based radial menus, showing only the relevant editing options. Illustrate and communicate your story however you like with rich drawing tools. You can draw different kinds of shapes, lines, splines, and much more with the pen, pencil, marker and paint brush tools.


  • Provides a medium for visual communication, idea presentation and storytelling.
  • HTML5 presentation builder. Presentations viewable in all modern browsers on all devices.
  • Presentations support even high-density retina displays, extremely high resolution monitors and multimedia projectors.
  • Supports all types of inputs — mouse, touch, keyboard and digital pen.
  • Creates a single HTML5 file which can be attached to emails or hosted on a website.
  • No vendor or technology lock-in, presentations use W3C’s Standard Web technologies.
  • Create cinematic pan and zoom poster presentations.
  • Create traditional slide based vanilla presentations.
  • Extensive array of pre-made clipart/images includes.
  • Draw different kinds of shapes, lines, and splines.
  • Create new images with pencil, markers, and brushes.
  • Insert PNG, JPG, and SVG images.
  • Dynamically move, rotate, scale, and transform either the elements or the whole canvas.
  • Apply effect filters to elements and canvas backgrounds.
  • Apply color filters to clipart and inserted images.
  • Pan and zoom animations.
  • Extensive set of Text and Table Tools available.
  • Present your data as bar chart, pie chart, bubble chart, line chart, area chart, multi-series line chart, stacked bar chart, grouped bar chart, and/or scatter plot.
  • Bring your data to life with interactive data visualization widgets like sun burst, drill down and interactive pie charts, sortable bar charts, circle packing, rotating clusters, and dynamic trees.
  • Print both the traditional slides and cinematic posters.


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