FlashQuiz on the Surface RT [Day 78]

Now this is an App I really like by Wimberry. We all know what flashcards are but this app allows you to create a set of cards with a variety of differing cards up to a 1000 cards per set. Foreach card you have a front (question) and back (answer) with each having the following abilities:

  • Add Text
  • Add Image
    • From a file
    • Take Photo
    • Draw
  • Add a sound
    • From a file
    • Record Sound

Playing a set of cards (the app includes 6 editable demo’s) allows you to swipe left or right through the card set and swiping up or down allows the back of the card to be displayed. Each card can be set (or unset) as correct/incorrect with a score summary displayed at the end of the score set, I love the fact that you can then either start over or play “skipped” cards.  The card set can be viewed as an entire set to give an overview with the font or back of the cards being flipped between. Cards can also be shuffled or ordered.

The only downside is that the app is free due to supporting ads. However they are extremely unobtrusive.

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