Screen Recording on the Surface RT [Day 79]

There is no built-in feature in Windows RT that can record the screen and output a video file and currently there are no apps (you can record from a desktop if remotely connect).  A static alternative feature exists named: “Problem Steps Recorder”, then you may access it by using the “Run” command “psr” on Windows 8 computer or if you are using a Windows RT device, then follow the steps given in the previous post.

To search for the screen recording apps in Windows Store, you may follow these steps:


  • Tap on Windows Store App icon from the Start Screen to open it.
  1. Swipe in from the right edge of the screen and then tap on “Search” option from the Charms bar.
  2. Type “steps” or “PSR” in the search box and search for an app which can record the screen and output to a video file.


  1. Windows key and R
  2. Type “PSR”
  3. Press OK

The recording can has comments made to support any activities, and once complete you can save the output as a zip file or emailed as a Zip file/ The compressed file contains an MHTML file – which is a webpage archive format which can edited with word.psr

An example converted to word can be found here: Recording_20131012_1136

If you are looking for a screen recording app that can output a video file, then you may have to search for an it using your favorite search engine on Windows 8. If you are using Windows RT device, then search for an appropriate app in Windows Store.


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