Freeing up Disk Space on the Surface RT [Day 82]

I always liked the way i could organise my apps by size and delete them on the iPhone and would love to have a system like that on my Surface RT. Well you can! (ok a tad over-dramatic).

Searching for “disk space” will reward you with 3 possibilities:

  1. Uninstall applications to free up disk space (just what i was after)
  2. Clear disk space by deleting necessary files (Same as Disk Cleanup on a desktop)
  3. Defragment and optimise your drives

Selecting option 1 shows me that I have just under 9.6GB of space left and I can delete any app from my largest (Where’s My Water 2 @ 770MB) to the smallest (Sound Recorder @ 16KB) by simply selecting the desired app for deletion and selecting the “uninstall” button, then a further confirmation “unistall” button within a pop-up dialog box.


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