Freeing up Disk Space on the Surface RT [Day 82]

I always liked the way i could organise my apps by size and delete them on the iPhone and would love to have a system like that on my Surface RT. Well you can! (ok a tad over-dramatic).

Searching for “disk space” will reward you with 3 possibilities:

  1. Uninstall applications to free up disk space (just what i was after)
  2. Clear disk space by deleting necessary files (Same as Disk Cleanup on a desktop)
  3. Defragment and optimise your drives

Selecting option 1 shows me that I have just under 9.6GB of space left and I can delete any app from my largest (Where’s My Water 2 @ 770MB) to the smallest (Sound Recorder @ 16KB) by simply selecting the desired app for deletion and selecting the “uninstall” button, then a further confirmation “unistall” button within a pop-up dialog box.


Flight Locator on the Surface RT [Day 81]

In true spirit of my recent trip I thought it would be a great idea to see if there was a flight tracker on the Surface RT, and there is. Admittedly it is a no frills app, without any map overlay, but it is functional.


  • Search by flight number with flight number suggestion integrated for ease of flight searching.
  • Departure date/time
  • Arrival date/time
  • Gates and Terminal Info
  • Recent Search History
  • Get real time flight status info like on time, delayed, landed, cancelled etc
  • Multiple flight segment information
  • Real time flight position in a route.


A Dictionary & Thesaurus for the Surface RT [Day 80]

  • 150,000 entries with more than 220,000 definitions
  • 70,000 usage samples
  • 30,000 word origins (etymologies)
  • 120,000 pronunciation guides (IPA)
  • 150,000 real human voice audios
  • Built-in thesaurus and word links
  • Browser-like content navigation with ability to tap on any word to view its definition


Screen Recording on the Surface RT [Day 79]

There is no built-in feature in Windows RT that can record the screen and output a video file and currently there are no apps (you can record from a desktop if remotely connect).  A static alternative feature exists named: “Problem Steps Recorder”, then you may access it by using the “Run” command “psr” on Windows 8 computer or if you are using a Windows RT device, then follow the steps given in the previous post.

To search for the screen recording apps in Windows Store, you may follow these steps:


  • Tap on Windows Store App icon from the Start Screen to open it.
  1. Swipe in from the right edge of the screen and then tap on “Search” option from the Charms bar.
  2. Type “steps” or “PSR” in the search box and search for an app which can record the screen and output to a video file.


  1. Windows key and R
  2. Type “PSR”
  3. Press OK

The recording can has comments made to support any activities, and once complete you can save the output as a zip file or emailed as a Zip file/ The compressed file contains an MHTML file – which is a webpage archive format which can edited with word.psr

An example converted to word can be found here: Recording_20131012_1136

If you are looking for a screen recording app that can output a video file, then you may have to search for an it using your favorite search engine on Windows 8. If you are using Windows RT device, then search for an appropriate app in Windows Store.


FlashQuiz on the Surface RT [Day 78]

Now this is an App I really like by Wimberry. We all know what flashcards are but this app allows you to create a set of cards with a variety of differing cards up to a 1000 cards per set. Foreach card you have a front (question) and back (answer) with each having the following abilities:

  • Add Text
  • Add Image
    • From a file
    • Take Photo
    • Draw
  • Add a sound
    • From a file
    • Record Sound

Playing a set of cards (the app includes 6 editable demo’s) allows you to swipe left or right through the card set and swiping up or down allows the back of the card to be displayed. Each card can be set (or unset) as correct/incorrect with a score summary displayed at the end of the score set, I love the fact that you can then either start over or play “skipped” cards.  The card set can be viewed as an entire set to give an overview with the font or back of the cards being flipped between. Cards can also be shuffled or ordered.

The only downside is that the app is free due to supporting ads. However they are extremely unobtrusive.

Sound Editor on the Surface RT [Day 77]

A great little audio editing app

  • set fade in/out,
  • normalise
  • copy, cut, paste or delete sections
  • unfortunately no visible recording time whilst recording
  • stop/start/continue recording
  • visible library
  • Save formats:
    • Wav PCM
    • MP3
    • WMA
  • Zoom in/out of timeline

I do like the fact that this allows you to actually record audio as well and would be a worthy alternative to voice notes for skydrive mentioned in an earlier post if all you wanted was an unfussy audio recorder with a good set of editing options


Presentation Next on the Surface RT [Day 76]


Presentation Next is a Prezi’esque app that creates “jaw dropping presentations” that are HTML5 based, meaning that no software installation is required to view the presentations other than a HTML 5 compatible (modern) browser.
The presentations are created using scalable vector graphics (SVG) and high definition (HD) technologies that show very sharp and clear images and text even on high-density retina displays, extremely high resolution monitors and multimedia projectors. The saved file is a single HTML 5 webpage.A number of templates are available to get you started, Presentation Next allows for traditional slide-based presentations (think PowerPoint) or pan and zoom presentations (think Prezi). Presentation Next is extremely easy to use, with clear context-based radial menus, showing only the relevant editing options. Illustrate and communicate your story however you like with rich drawing tools. You can draw different kinds of shapes, lines, splines, and much more with the pen, pencil, marker and paint brush tools.


  • Provides a medium for visual communication, idea presentation and storytelling.
  • HTML5 presentation builder. Presentations viewable in all modern browsers on all devices.
  • Presentations support even high-density retina displays, extremely high resolution monitors and multimedia projectors.
  • Supports all types of inputs — mouse, touch, keyboard and digital pen.
  • Creates a single HTML5 file which can be attached to emails or hosted on a website.
  • No vendor or technology lock-in, presentations use W3C’s Standard Web technologies.
  • Create cinematic pan and zoom poster presentations.
  • Create traditional slide based vanilla presentations.
  • Extensive array of pre-made clipart/images includes.
  • Draw different kinds of shapes, lines, and splines.
  • Create new images with pencil, markers, and brushes.
  • Insert PNG, JPG, and SVG images.
  • Dynamically move, rotate, scale, and transform either the elements or the whole canvas.
  • Apply effect filters to elements and canvas backgrounds.
  • Apply color filters to clipart and inserted images.
  • Pan and zoom animations.
  • Extensive set of Text and Table Tools available.
  • Present your data as bar chart, pie chart, bubble chart, line chart, area chart, multi-series line chart, stacked bar chart, grouped bar chart, and/or scatter plot.
  • Bring your data to life with interactive data visualization widgets like sun burst, drill down and interactive pie charts, sortable bar charts, circle packing, rotating clusters, and dynamic trees.
  • Print both the traditional slides and cinematic posters.


Voice Recognition on the Surface RT [Day 73]

Today’s post is in regards to voice recognition on the Surface RT, from dictation to O/S control. I could write a short overview or a long drawn out step-by-step guide but I would not do it any justice in comparison to this blog post at “Love My Surface” – go read it here

In reality it does take awhile for the Surface RT to catch-up with anything longer than a short sentence. Background interference can also play havoc, even though the microphone are of good quality, so do use a local mic.