Type Keyboard on the Surface RT

Last week the felt-like backing started to come away from my Type Keyboard (v1), only a little and right at the back in the middle, a little double sided sticky tape that was cut to size and placed with tweezers seems to have done the job at holding the material to the exposed metal well. It seems on mentioning this to a colleague that they have they same problem as well with their type keyboard, so maybe it is not uncommon.

It seem that the new generation of keyboards (v2) have a plastic backing so should not be prone to this, although I am not too happy at the prospect of having to purchase a £100+ keyboard just because the backing has come away. Although I have seen the v1 keyboards price falling under £60, as well as the type 2 keyboards if your willing to look around on the web and  have them imported from the US.



Anti-Virus on the Surface RT

A colleague asked a question as to ether they needed to install anti-virus upon their surface RT:

Windows 8 includes Windows Defender, a replacement for Microsoft Security Essentials, as the stock anti-virus on the Surface RT. As the Surface RT also utilises and RT version of windows, effectively only allowing “signed” applications to be installed (of which there are very few and these are all official such as office 2013), the chances of you becoming infected are extremely rare.

Besides unless it was an anti-virus App you would not be able to install it anyway due to the Windows RT restrictions!


Blank Outlook Tile on the Surface RT

office SP1

My outlook tile is blank after what seems a recent update. Checking for recent updates still outstanding has not solved the issues, as well as trying to remove and reinstate the tile. On further enquiry it seems there is a service pack (SP1) for the office 2013 installed on the RT.

  1. Swipe from the right for the charms menu
  2. Select settings
  3. Select change PC settings
  4. Select update and recovery
  5. Select Windows update
  6. Select View details (if SP1 is shown skip to step 9)
  7. Select the Back Arrow
  8. Select Check Now button
  9. Check the checkbox under Office 2013 and next to Service Pack 1 for Microsoft 2013 (KB2850036) RT
  10. Select the Install button
  11. The update process will take a few minutes
  12. Select the Restart Now button

You should now see the Outlook tile restored 🙂


iPhone Tethering (via Bluetooth) to the Surface RT


This week I had the opportunity to finally connect to my iPhone (well I did not really I just did not have local WiFi password when I needed it)

Simply put it is a case of turning on your Personal Hotspot and once your surface picks up your phones name input the password that is set, the problem is this will cost myself £5/Gb. Not something that I want to worry about. Connecting via wire/USB is not an option as you cannot install the drivers required on the Surface RT but you can by Bluetooth…..

Follow instrustions on how to connect bluetooth given by microsoft:

  1. On iPhone turn on Bluetooth (swipe up from homescreen to ensure Bluetooth is turned on, or settings > Bluetooth > on)
  2. Turn on personal hotspot (settings > personal hotspot > on)
  3. On the RT Surface swipe from the right to access the3 charms menu
  4. Select Change PC setting,
  5. select devices,
  6. add device
  7. Accept pairing on the  iPhone and surface as instructed
  8. To allow internet access on the Surface RT go to the control panel > Hardware and Sound > View device and printers
  9. Select the iPhone and you will find that more option appear above
  10. Select “Connect Using” and then click on drop down menu and Select Access Point.

I have found this is sufficient for reasonable access. Don’t expect it to be consistent/stable.


Musemee Notier Prime V2 Stylus and the Surface RT


I have lost my beloved Musemee Notier 😦 I have a bamboo stylus as a backup but there is a new Notier model, the Prime 🙂 . I could not resist!

Arriving in a far more stylish case the Prime has a rubberised grip, my previous gripe was that the Notier was a devil for rolling away (it probably still will but not as fast) and certainly long-term use would have your fingers slipping. I am sure this  model is a little lighter (18g) and possibly shorter (137mm),  hopefully I can compare with another original Notier soon.

Update: The original is approximately 25g and 142mm and , so a huge weight saving but one that does not take away from the feel greatly.

So what do you get for just under £16 (inc. delivery) ?

  1. Tracked Delivery (mine took exactly one week to arrive)
  2. Improved case instead of cardboard box
  3. The Prime with one stylus tip
  4. A small bullet shaped capsule holding 2 spare tips (I am sure I only got one with my original Notier but got 2 – so now I have 7 tips in total!



Until next time!