Musemee Notier Prime V2 Stylus and the Surface RT


I have lost my beloved Musemee Notier 😦 I have a bamboo stylus as a backup but there is a new Notier model, the Prime 🙂 . I could not resist!

Arriving in a far more stylish case the Prime has a rubberised grip, my previous gripe was that the Notier was a devil for rolling away (it probably still will but not as fast) and certainly long-term use would have your fingers slipping. I am sure this  model is a little lighter (18g) and possibly shorter (137mm),  hopefully I can compare with another original Notier soon.

Update: The original is approximately 25g and 142mm and , so a huge weight saving but one that does not take away from the feel greatly.

So what do you get for just under £16 (inc. delivery) ?

  1. Tracked Delivery (mine took exactly one week to arrive)
  2. Improved case instead of cardboard box
  3. The Prime with one stylus tip
  4. A small bullet shaped capsule holding 2 spare tips (I am sure I only got one with my original Notier but got 2 – so now I have 7 tips in total!



Until next time!


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