Anti-Virus on the Surface RT

A colleague asked a question as to ether they needed to install anti-virus upon their surface RT:

Windows 8 includes Windows Defender, a replacement for Microsoft Security Essentials, as the stock anti-virus on the Surface RT. As the Surface RT also utilises and RT version of windows, effectively only allowing “signed” applications to be installed (of which there are very few and these are all official such as office 2013), the chances of you becoming infected are extremely rare.

Besides unless it was an anti-virus App you would not be able to install it anyway due to the Windows RT restrictions!


3 comments on “Anti-Virus on the Surface RT

  1. Not as rare as you might think. As these become more prevalent, so do people who want to take them down. I currently have a virus attached to my IE and cannot clean it.

    After 15 years in this industry (certified because Microsoft fails so miserably, there have to be people like me), I should be able to take care of my own “computer” and not have to rely on a vendor that uses me and millions of others as a guinea pig for their OS.

    James Carter
    CCA, MCSA, Network+, A+

    • I agree, rare but not impossible, and as tablet use increases so does the threat of future exploits. But I wont be losing too much sleep given that there is not an awful lot we can do other than being sensible with our accounts 🙂 Now my laptop and desktop….. sleepless nights all round!

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