Academic Year 2014/2015


I have not written this academic year due to a number of reasons, most of them as I am busy busy busy! However, there are a number of items on the horizon (in no particular order) that are likely to feature as a blog post once the items I want to highlight have matured:

  • The Digital Learning Design Course that I have been involved in developing (as part of the Design eLearn Consortium) is progressing and due to be delivered in the near future
  • Collaborating with a well known tech firm where South Essex College are an early adopter of their tech and sharing good practice and feature requests
  • An upcoming project upon a Level 4 Tech enabled educators qualification framework
  • A new tablet with full windows 8.1 (I don’t intend to mothball the surface just yet!)
  • Some new software and support developments
  • impending iPhone 6 plus 64GB purchase!

So sitting on my rump and ignoring this blog is far from the truth just a number of tech related issues in development



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