iPhone 6 Plus

I recently purchased the iPhone 6 Plus. The reasons for purchase are my own, and I am a firm believer that no phone is best just that there are ideal phones for each person, and reasons that seem proven. I dont purchase things on a whim and try to read a lot of reviews and opinions first. I certainly don’t get pulled into hype for “bent” iPhones, other larger scale phones have bent, it’s something for the “haters” to cling onto and if Apple reoport are anything to go by only nine bent phone reported out of ten million initial sales!

I wanted something that allowed me to make notes when I have no other tech with me as I have been often finding myself in ad-hoc meetings. I also know that whatever the phone had to offer I would utilise it with the exception of games I think I have covered my bases with my smartphones:

  • Podcasts and Radio (loving the Doctor Who audio books on Radio 4 extra)
  • Music
  • Social networking
  • Network utilities
  • Photos and videos (an awful lot of photos of my young children)
  • eBooks (Cooking)
  • TV & Video apps (avid film buff here!)
  • Weather and travel apps
  • Shoppping (I am obsessed by ebay and amazon)
  • Productivity apps (current fav is trello)
  • Chromecast (I know Apple is not the most loved, but more than Windows)
  • Sat NAv (Waze for the win!)
  • Cloud Services (Pogoplug a personal Fav)
  • Fitness apps (OK this is a deglected area but i keep them with the best intentions)

Real estate did initially bother me but on reading a number of reviews that states that after a week the 6 plus felt right I decided to stick with my initial choice and I am glad that I did, picking up my old iPhone 5 yesterday felt like a toy and woefully undersized. Battery life is excellent, currently I am writing this blog with 53% at 9pm and I have not charged the phones since yesterday. I have yet to see the benefits of camera stabilisation, but certainly appreciate the upgrade to 64gb whereby I can store a wide range of media , not just audio, and all my apps without better by selective.

I am looking to see what the Apple watch will bring  to the device


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