Changing Phone Provider to Three

I have for the past two years had a 1gb data limit for my phone and although I never go over this limit I do get very close. When I was looking to get the iPhone 6 Plus I wanted to move to 4G and have a healthy data limit, I had been hearing no complaints regarding three and plenty from all the other providers and thought that it would be worthy of a further look into….

  • everyone I knew on three had no complaints
  • it was eat all you could data on 4G (although as yet nobody seemed to be using 4G in my local area of M25 to Southend-on-Sea)
  • great price – £15/month for 12 months (my wife’s contract is 12 months behind mine so this would put us at the same time for renewal)
  • 4GB of free tethering a month (a previous blog entry outlines my frustrations with prior provider) and in light of MS Surface RT effectively dead in the water without a WiFi connection this was a definite positive

I signed up and have no regrets at all, in fact there were further benefits (in part to the new iPhone)

  • A 5 minute dead-spot on my commute is no longer dead
  • Southend has 4G
  • where I live, a rural spot, has 4G as well (in fact it is often twice as fast as my home broadband)
  • due to the “eat all you can data” plan I am finding myself changing settings to update my phone as I roam (hopefully taking the burden of my heavily utilised home broadband to some degree)

Great job Three!



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