TeckNet 21W (4.2A) 4-Port USB Wall Plug

Having recently expanded on the amount of devices in the house and at last count needing 4 charging points by my bedside I decided to invest in a multi USB Plug. I wanted something capable of delivering 2A or more in at least 2 ports. For just under £10 I came across the TeckNet Universal 21W 5V 4.2A 4 USB Port UK Wall Plug. I like the fact that it is a compact unit, and it has certainly done the job for over 2 months. Its just the blue light is very bright and thankfully is tucked behind a unit. the lower 2 ports off 2.1A and the upper ports 1A.

I notice now that this as been superseded by a 24w model that does not included the blue led and has a 2×2 usb cinfiguration rather than a single column of four USB’s and they utilise a BLUETEK™ Technology that optimises the capacity of each USB port dependant  upon demand – find it at http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00K0LBMWE



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