FRiEQ 1.8m Nylon Braided Micro USB Charging Cable

A recent tablet purchase for my four year old has had many issues with charging. It really does not like substandard charging cables, in-fact it often dislikes its own charging cable and charger, and needs to be shut down fully to enable it to charge. So I really needed a long hi quality cable, to let my four year old use his tablet whilst charging, and affording some measure of freedom for him. tangle-less for the cable and a good quality that will will not play havoc with the charging itself (I also need to replace one for my own work tablet).

I am not fussed about gold connections (how many devices have gold connectors on themselves?) but I did like the slightly tapered micro USB plug, aiding in removal from device. Fit is good (some third parties are either to tight or to loose). How the braiding holds out remains to be seen. I purchased them here



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