Plantronics M55 Bluetooth Headset

This is an absolute gem of a device, especially at around £20, this has become my new best bit of kit. I haven’t used bluetooth headsets for ages, mainly because I used to do short journies that did not need them but as of late these are getting less frequent. There is a lot to like about this headset:

  • Great method for holding in ear, very quick to fit and stays in all the time! – very sceptical but found that I love it! (there is an over the ear adapter if you don’t get on with it – its clear so keep an eye out for it when opening the packaging)
  • Lightweight and small
  • About an hours charging gives 11 hours use time (comes with a 4″ micro USB lead and a Car USB adapter!)
  • Deep sleep mode has the battery lasting for 5 months! (not that I have used it that little!)
  • Voice commands – “Incoming call, [say] answer or ignore?” (not had opportunity to test yet, this can be switched off)
  • It gives you a battery indicator next to the bluetooth symbol (iPhone)
  • There is an App (Plantronics Hub) that you can refer to on how to use as well as button and light identification
  • Multi-point pairing capability, quickly switch active connections between two phones (have not tried this one yet)

I’m an insomniac and often spend silly hours on the PC being productive until the kids came along and I needed sleep, I often listen to podcasts that let me drift off rather than getting up (that does not mean they are boring!) and have often found headphones wrapped round my neck or under my back, this is where this device comes into its own. It includes the A2DP Bluetooth profile that allows audio streaming so I can listen to music, podcasts, radio stations and even GPS directions from your smartphone (no more having to hush the family when trying to listen to sat nav). So I am finding that I don’t take my headphones everywhere with me, so they should last a bit longer, in fact I haven’t used them at all.

The downsides – my wife reckons I look daft with it sticking out the side of my head when I’m pottering around the house!


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