Morpheus Sleep Monitor for the Pebble Smart Watch

Morphuez Sleep Monitor

Have I mentioned I am an insomniac? or so I thought. With the Pebble Smart Watch App Morpheuz I am sure of it! Its a great little app that effectively monitors the accelerometer in the watch, gathering data throughout your sleep period that upon waking you can export to your smartphone whereby you are presented with an analysis of your sleep pattern.

Your sleep is split in to fours categories, and will give you line and pie charts along with breakdown of statistics:

  1. Awake?
  2. Light
  3. Deep
  4. Ignore

The app will only cache the last monitored sleep, but you can export CSV data, you will need the Smartwatch Pro app (post coming soon) to pass the data to Apples Health App so that you can monitor overall trends.



Disclaimer: My sleep pattern is not normally as bad as above.
My two year old decided he had recovered from his illness and did not want to be alone or sleep!

Additional benefits include:

  • Repeat settings – use the app once and and it will reactivate automatically the following night
  • Set a 10 minute “ignore” period – should you not want a cup-of-tea making break monitored
  • Setting a preferred wake period whereby the watch will wake you at you lightest sleep point
  • weekend lay-in or power-nap modes



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