Smartwatch Pro / Smartwatch+ (and other Pebble Apps)

App Logo's

There are a range of apps for the Pebble (and certainly far more on android) and a number of them are free, such as:

  • Watch faces
  • yelp – places of interest locator
  • movable (step counter)
  • cards for pebble (a placeholder for user defined text)
  • Battery status
  • Speed warning (avoid those speeding tickets)
  • GPS (poor)
  • Weather

To get the most out of your pebble your going to need to pay for a few apps, some claim a lot and don’t deliver very much:

  • camera controllers/previewers
  • music controllers (beyond the basic default features, such as volume control)
  • locate smartphone
  • GPS (not so poor)
  • Calender/reminder alerts
  • Twitter feeds

And finally there are those apps that do a number of the above functions and a bit more:

  • Smartwatch+ some smarter watch faces require this for full functionality – such as the “smartstatus” watch face
  • Smartwatch Pro which is required by Morpheuz (previous post) a favourite app of mine (currently the new version of Smartwatch Pro is awaiting release and needed by Morpheuz)

So they don’t cost much but there is a downside, the multifunction apps have to be running to work. Meaning you cannot “ping” your smartphone if the associated app is not running on your smartphone. grrrrrr! This includes any camera or gps related app (these work with there own camera and gps facilities and not your preferred apps)


One comment on “Smartwatch Pro / Smartwatch+ (and other Pebble Apps)

  1. Update: Smartwatch Pro update available as of 20th Jan 2015 (testing of integration currently crashes app)

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