Living with the Pebble Smart Watch

Pebble App

I have learnt that the pebble is a great watch, its a winner due to its cost, battery lifespan, notifications / caller identity and the ability (albeit limited) to control music or streaming apps such as radio or tv players. The complex apps are not winning me over as they need to be constantly on to use or have you reaching for the phone.

I am certainly missing less calls/notifications and think I would miss it if I reverted to a normal watch (imagine leaving without the internet, sky/cable or even you mobile). There are thinks I would like from it – more seamless integration (but this is not a specific IOS watch), better quality screen that was in colour. Despite the better looking metal Pebble I am glad I did not spend more for it just for a few more app installs (that I would not really need).

So will I purchase the Apple Watch when it comes out, well I am impressed with what it is hyped to deliver and I am more convinced I am the right geek for the watch. But maybe I will have on to my pebble a bit longer until the hype from initial release dies down. I think you would call me an intended early-ish adopter of the pending Apple Watch!

Oh, one final word to the wise. Turn of your notifications from Facebook before you hit your birthday, otherwise it is pointless trying to write anything as it ends up looking like a four year olds scrawl with the amount of vibrations going off.


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