Having finally found my feet with blogging so that its workable for me I thought the next evolution would be Podcasts, Don’t get me wrong I have dabbled with the technology and ideas behind podcasting. I have dabbled in audio a number of times as a lecturer in the past including feedback embedded in assignments, guidance for activity tasks, audio-casting a full series of lectures to accompany existing presentations for absent learners (HE level) with most being well received. I have even created the odd music track to accompany various video projects (re-used a number of times across the years). But I have never created a Podcast in its full context:

  • Recorded, edited and saved an audio file ✓
  • Located on a webpage ✓
  • Audio jingles, effects & enhancements ✓
  • Created a series of related audio ✓
  • RSS Feed ✗

Hence the term audio-casting earlier as I have never set up an RSS feed. I have a number of milestones to reach in order to get the first Podcast off the ground

  • Modify a music track to have an intro and exit clip for each Podcast ✓
  • Identify a worthy topic ✓
  • Identify some apps for recording on the go, if the opportunity arises ✓
  • Identify a length and interval for the podcast to be sustainable ✓
  • Record and edit
  • Identify a platform ✓
  • Set it up
  • Publish to iTunes

The audience being made of those avidly following the blog posts to those that may listen to the podcasts in isolation – a ten to twenty minute length  every month is my aim with the current thinking of a TechLec “Month in Review” focus. Effectively a summary of the topics in the blog with updates, developments and maybe snippets of things that in themselves not worthy of a specific post but useful as side-notes.  There are a host of solutions as a platform for the podcasts but I do like to learn as much as I can from these activities and I think I would spend fortunes trying the easy options that cost and don’t really develop you. Thankfully, is currently seems, I can use the WordPress Blog itself – details in an upcoming blog as I  progress (or not!).

I am interested in recording via desktop and on-the-go with the iPhone 6 Plus using a variety of apps and devices, to be blogged about in future posts, these are already identified in the most part. My worries are that it may well be a bit rough around the edges, for the time being I am going to use the microphone of my Logitech Pro 9000 Webcam, not ideal in the long term, if the podcasts work out the way I intend I will likely purchase a semi-decent dedicated microphone for desktop and externally for my iPhone 6 Plus and on a final note my voice! I think I will naturally avoid those singular level monotonous vocal ranges  that some podcasts have, only being saved by sterling content, as I am fairly expressive but it will be at the expense of having a Thames Estuary Accent (that’s posh for Essex). Although I did have a past lecturer tell me that they would like to hear me carry-out a podcast as they could imagine it being engaging with my vocal range, I will let you draw your own conclusions from that comment!


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